Thursday, February 12, 2015

How to prepare your first Technical Presentation Part 2

Coming Up With A Catchy Title

The second post covering how a title can make your presentation stand out.

No Tutti-Frutti Please

If you want people to come to your session, use a clear title, no I see all in pink descriptions. Trigger them by telling exactly what it will be about but in a unique way. Like for example: The PowerShell 4 Mythbuster or Hey dude? Where are my PFE tools?

Keep It Short

No paragraphs but a simple one-liner. Use working words like building, writing etc. Mixing this with what was said previously: Hey dude? Help me building my first PowerShell script!

Action Is Fun

Well that's an easy one. If you are saying that you are going to show us how to build a script.... we will get to see demo's right? :P Yes, not only PowerPoint slides but a chance to DO something. See how a good title works?

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