Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Virtual Server 2005 Migration Toolkit (VSMT)

One of our clients wants to build a test environment which has to house a copy of the full production. In the production there are about 40 servers. In the test there are 10 servers .....
Buy another 30 servers? Do we have enough room? Do we have to rebuild all those servers? How are we going to solve this? Hmmm, lot's of questions and an easy solution.
We showed them Virtual Server 2005 and VSMT. With VSMT you can migrate live servers (even DC's) to a virtual machine. One hour later they were sold.
Do you want to know what Virtual Server could mean to your organization? Have a look here. Would you like to see Virtual Server in action? John Howard made a set of blogcasts where you can see the magic happen. He shows the migration of a NT4.0 server to Virtual Server. Use this together with the VSMT whitepaper and you're up and running in a snap. Download the blogcasts here, the whitepaper here and the VSMT toolkit here. Recommended stuff for any serious Systems Administrator.

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