Monday, January 31, 2005

Help, I can't make new public folders in Exchange!

Today, a customer came along with some calls in his hand. Houston, we have a problem. With our public folders. Aha... and? Since we ran PFDavAdmin on our structure, users who are Owner or Publishing Editor, can't create new public folders. This sounded somewhat strange because I couldn't think of PFDavAdmin changing this sort of rights. Let's have a look at the Public Folders. And indeed, users being owner couldn't make new subfolders. But the rights on the folders where OK, at least as far as I could see :-)
Perhaps in the Active Directory something is wrong? Started ADSIEdit and scrolled to CN=Microsoft Exchange. Had a check there on security. Nothing. GOOGLE to the rescue. And there I found a link to an article called "You Cannot Create a New Public Folder in Exchange 2000 Server or Exchange Server 2003". 5 minutes later all was fixed. Apparently someone or something unchecked the "Allow inheritable permissions from parent to propogate" box in the security settings of CN=Public Folders. Once checked all rights were inherited and finito. Link to the article is here.

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